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Support Refugees and Immigrants

If you live in Houston and are passionate about the rights of refugees and immigrants (whom we love to call New Houstonians), then you have to get to know one of my favorite non-profits, Amaanah.

Amaanah was founded in 2008 by a group of UH students who recognized the need for a service that can empower vulnerable populations in our city. I was introduced to Amaanah when I was invited to their annual Gala in 2017 and instantly loved everything they were doing for immigrants and refugees. I remember crying as I listened to an Iraqi refugee share her heart wrenching story and her ultimate success thanks to Amaanah’s continued support to her and her family. What I love about this charity is that they’re committed to working on supporting the entire family in ways that matter, not just by handing out money. From support inside the classroom, to vocational training and language classes, Amaanah’s volunteers work towards ensuring the future success of refugees and immigrants in Houston.

Jida Nabulsi, Amaanah’s CEO, continues to identify programs and methods that can help refugees and immigrants, especially single women with children to find their own piece of home in Houston, Texas.

Imagine for a moment, that you’re a single mom, who has just escaped a war ravaged country, with nothing but the clothes on your back and you’ve just arrived in Houston, after years of visa applications and consular interviews. You don’t speak the language, you can’t drive yet, you might, if you’re lucky, have enough money to last you a month, you don’t know anyone. You rely on refugee resettlement agencies like Interfaith Ministries or Catholic Charities for help with rent and food for the first couple of months but then what? How do you survive? How do you thrive? The answer, thankfully is Amaanah. Amaanah refugees will help with school registration, getting a driver’s license, matching you with an immigration lawyer, and so much more. They’re not just here to pay your rent, they’re here to help you succeed.

Ways to help:

> Volunteer

> Donate

> Talk about it


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