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Chickpea (Hommos) Fatteh

Fatteh, or what I like to call Middle Eastern trifle, is a moreish dish made of fried and crispy pita bread, garlicky yogurt and cooked chickpeas. It is a funny looking dish but oh so yummy. We eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner because it's that good!


1 cup chickpeas

2 large pita breads cut into small 1 inch cubes

1 pint of yogurt

2 -3 tbsp tahini

lemon juice (just a squeeze)

3-5 cloves of garlic, mashed



bicarbonate of soda

handful of pinenuts

half a stick of butter


Place chickpeas in a large bowl and cover generously in water, add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you will see the chickpeas have more than doubled in size. It's time to cook them. Wash your chickpeas and place in a large pot with water. Bring them to a boil; once boiling you'll see something that looks like foam on the top, gently remove the foam and discard, bring down to a simmer and cover. This will take around 45 minutes to cook until tender.

On the side, add the squeeze of lemon, mashed garlic and salt to a bowl and gently mash this mix with your fingers or a fork. Add the yogurt and the tahini and mix well. Do not refrigerate, leave out so it can reach room temperature.

For the pita bread, you can deep fry the cubes (takes less than a minute but don't overcrowd the pan) or preferably air-fry them at 400 for 4-5 minutes in a flat sheet pan. They're ready once they're golden brown and crispy.

In your serving bowl, add chickpeas with a dash of cumin and salt and a little bit of the chickpea water, top with the crispy pita and then the yogurt mix.

In a pan, add the butter and then the pine-nuts and toast them to golden brown on a medium heat. Once ready, gently add on top of the yogurt and serve.


  1. Add some finely chopped parsley and some pomegranate on top for "aesthetics"

  2. Use a can of chickpeas instead of dried chickpeas, it won't taste as authentic but will definitely still hit the spot


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